Instrumentation: Violin, Cello, Piano
Year of Composition: 2000
Movements: Three (I. Più lento alla fantasia; II. Allegretto scherzando; III. Vivo)
Duration: 11’30” (5′, 3′, 3’30”)

Programme Note
Trio is completed in 2000, a graduation composition of Dennis Wu’s study in the university. Trio is among the first important musical output in Dennis Wu’s repertoire, this piece is selected to be performed in the exchange concert organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Tokyo National University of Fine Arts in 2000. The piece was also played in a masterclass of David Del Tredici and was commented as “an ambitious piece” by this renowned composer.

The first movement is a slow movement, quiet with an uneasy feeling. Music generally has a textural background with repetitive groups. Melodies are fragmented and dissonant, contributing to the uneasy mood.

The second movement is a scherzo. The violin and cello will play entirely by pizzicato and piano will play on its high register.

The third movement is furiously quick. The music develops around the beginning motif by cello and the quick figure of a minor second in the middle section.

The piece was also played in the Bauhinia Concert of Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000.


Sample Pages of Scores


Performers: Hanada Wakako, violin. Nishiyama Kenichi, cello. Oikawa Yumi, piano
Triphony Hall, Tokyo. August 1, 2000.



This recording is recorded live at Triphony Hall, Tokyo on August 1, 2000.
Hanada Wakako, violin
Nishiyama Kenichi, cello
Oikawa Yumi, piano


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