Dennis Wu / Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

As an independent freelancer I work on a variety of projects and events. Here is a select list of the work that I have been participated on, mostly on a high degree of involvement.

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For Leisure and Cultural Services Department

The Seafarer
Curator, arranger and narrator: January 27, 29, 2015

Mythical Lovers
Curator, arranger and narratorNovember 22, December 4, 2013
A Poet and His Muse: Yu Kwang-chung’s Poetry in Music
Curator, composer, arranger and narrator: March 2–3, 2013; Rerun: February 4, 2015

Romeo and Juliet in Concert
Curator, arranger and narrator: November 20, December 3, 2012

For Hong Kong Arts Festival

My First Four Seasons
Narrator: March 20, 2013

Talks and Seminars

For Die Konzertisten

Pre-concert talk for Handel’s Messiah
December 19, 2015

Pre-concert Talk for Buxtehude’s Membra Jesu Nostri
April 10, 2014

For Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival

January 23, 2016

January 17, 2016

January 11, 2015

Johannes Brahms – Walking Down a New Path
January 11, 2014

Pre-concert Talk for Opening Gala
January 15, 2014; January 14, 2015; January 20, 2016

Pre-concert Talk for Closing Gala
January 23, 2014; January 21, 2015; January 27, 2016

For Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Concert-Poster-TPre-concert Talk
An Introduction to Ligeti, Particularly in Reference to Post-WWII Vocal Music
October 27, 2013

For Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Pre-concert talks
since 2011

For International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)

July 5, 2015

Seminar on Music Criticism for Senior Secondary School Students
October 21, 2011; November 9, 2012; October 25, 2013; October 24, 2014; October 23, 2015

For Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Pre-concert talk for Ian Bostridge and Xuefei Yang Concert
October 25, 2015

Talk_600x300Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into Russia
May—August, 2015

Pre-concert talk for Russian National Orchestra
Cross-century Russian Orchestral Showcase
June 24, 2015

Pre-concert talk for Academy of Ancient Music
Classical Orchestral Tradition: A Very Brief History of Evolution from 18th to 20th Century
November 2, 2014

“Strauss Opera in Hi-Vi” Forum Discussion
October 29–30, November 1, 2014

Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into Eastern Europe
May—July, 2014

“Ring in Hi-Vi” Forum Discussion
October 5–6, November 16–17, 2013

program_272_737Journeys Through Music Lecture Series: Into Germany
July–August, 2013

Pre-concert talk for Academy of Ancient Music
A Musical Portrait of Nature – Baroque Composers’ View of the World
大自然的音樂圖畫 ─ 巴羅克作曲家眼中的世界
June 23, 2013

Meet-the-artists: The Flight of Jade Bird
November 9, 2012

Pre-concert talk for The English Concert
Reliving High Baroque: The English Concert and the “Early Music Revival”
October 16, 2012 

For Leisure and Cultural Services Department/Radio Television of Hong Kong

Fine Music@School
October 2014–February 2015; October 2015–January 2016

For Macao Arts Festival

Lied-Ballet-Thomas-Lebrun-en-habit-de-poete-romantique_article_popinPre-concert talk for Thomas Lebrun’s Lied-Ballet
When German Lied Meets “Ballet”
March 22, 2015

For Macao International Music Festival

Pre-concert talk for Rimsky-Korsakov’s Mozart and Salieri
October 9, 2015

Pre-concert talk for Mahler Chamber Orchestra
October 7, 2015

Pre-concert talk for St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra
October 14–5, 2014

Pre-concert talk for Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra
October 9, 2013

Pre-concert Talk for Dresden Philharmonie
October 27, 2013

For Musicus Fest

School Visits Speaker with Colleen Lee and Rachel Cheung
September 2013

”Musicus Inspires” Workshop on Programme Notes Writing
October 2013; November 2014; November 2015

For University General Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

讀書會:Rebecca Rischin, For the End of Time: The Story of the Messiaen Quartet
December 12, 2014

For World Culture Festival, Leisure and Cultural Services Department


September 26, October 4, 2015

For Young Friends Scheme of the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Workshop on Artists Interviews
February–March, 2014; February–March, 2015

Pre-rehearsal Talks for Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
March 19, 2015

Pre-rehearsal Talks for Budapest Festival Orchestra
March 6–7, 9, 2014


Seminar on Application of Sibelius in Education
December 10, 2010

Programme Hosts

For Die Konzertisten

11419305_859672024113522_8571050355411543780_oJourney of Choral Treasure
Programme Host: July 19, 2015

For Education Bureau

School Creative Music Showcase
Master of CeremonyJanuary 21, 2011; January 20, 2012; January 25, 2013; January 29, 2014; February 17, 2015; February 3, 2016

For Hong Kong Arts Festival

10953378_10100350295741358_2700831866646286976_nA Journey to the Baroque Era
Programme Host: March 2, 2015; February 27, 2016

A Date with Chopin
Master of CeremonyFebruary 16, 2014

Opening Ceremony of the Hong Kong Arts Festival
Master of CeremonyFebruary 18, 2014

For Musicus Fest

Musical Tour – Hullett House, 1881 Heritage
Docent: November 28, 2015

For Premiere Performance of Hong Kong

Education Concert for Jazz & Blue Concert by Adam Hall and the Velvet Players (Australia)
Programme Host: October 30, 2015

Education Concert for Doris String Quartet
Programme Host: October 3, 2014

For World Culture Festival, Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Meet-the-artists: The Chieftains (Ireland)
Moderator: November 13, 2015

1383305_10151987462507792_614688829_nLecture Demonstration: Improvisation vs Composition
Moderator: October 24, 2015

Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra
Host for Live Relay: October 25, 2013

Advisory and Consultant

For Hong Kong Arts Festival

Consultant for music programmes and digital marketing campaigns: since 2011

For International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)

Classical Music Yearbook
Curatorial Editor, April 2014–

Reviewer, October 2013–July 2014

meetthecritics_upMeet the Critics — Arts Criticism Mentorship Programme 2013
Mentor, October–November 2013

Meet the Critics — Arts Criticism Mentorship Programme 2012
Mentor, October–November 2012

For Art Map

Junior Arts Reviewer
Mentor, since 2012

Event Production and Management

For Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Mythical Lovers
Co-Music DirectorNovember 22, December 4, 2013

Curtain call with special thanks to Yu Kwang-chung.

Curtain call with special thanks to Yu Kwang-chung.

A Poet and His Muse: Yu Kwang-chung’s Poetry in Music
Programme Curator: March 2–3, 2013

Romeo and Juliet in Concert
Co-Music Director: November 20; December 3, 2012

For Art Map

Critic-in-Residence: Seminar and Workshop with Dr. Marc Rochester
Programme Curator and Moderator: March 28–April 1, 2013

For St. Paul’s Co-educational College

USA Tour 2012: World Choir Games and Performance Tour
Tour Coordinator: July 8–20, 2012

Summer Concert 2012
Technical Manager: July 3–4, 2012

Venice Tour 2012: Venezia in Musica
Tour Coordinator: April 28–May 4, 2012

Media Experience

For Radio 4, RTHK

Presenter and Producer: since 2004

For General Programme Section, Television Division, RTHK

Music Score Advisor and Subtitle Advisor: since 2005

Music Engraving and Editorial

9789622941373Laudate Dominum — Anthems by Joseph Lai
頌讚歸主 — 黎本正曲選
(Published by Chinese Christian Literature Council Ltd.)
Engravist: 2012

Blessings Only — Anthems by Victor Chan
只有祝福 — 陳偉光曲選
(Published by Chinese Christian Literature Council Ltd.)
Score Editor: 2010

Engravist: 2009

Arise, Praise the Lord — Anthems by Jimmy Shiu
起來,讚美主 — 蕭樹勝曲選
(Published by Chinese Christian Literature Council Ltd.)
Score Editor: 2008

Writings and Publications


I have a very extensive writing experience as an annotator, reviewer, journalist and composer. Please select a separate section to see some of my writings and music.

Musical compositions
Articles appeared in prints on newspaper and magazine
Musical annotation and programme notes


Personal Information

Below is some of my personal information.


Dennis Wu is an arts management professional with a strong background in classical music. Deeply devoted to music, he has launched a career in music since completing his post-graduate education. Wu’s areas of expertise include broadcasting, digital systems and promotion. Based on his previous work experience, he has developed strong ties with local media and critics. He believes his work and his passion for music will inspire appreciations of these timeless treasures.


Chinese University of Hong Kong
MMus 2002
BA in Music 2000

Centralised Scheme of Music Training

Full Time Work Experience

St. Paul’s Co-educational College
Music Administrator, 2009–11

Hong Kong Arts Festival
Assistant Marketing Manager, 2007–9

Radio 4, Radio Television Hong Kong
Producer and Presenter, 2004–7

Education Bureau (previously Education Department)
Curriculum Project Coordinator, 2002–4

Professional Qualification

Trinity College of London
LMusTCL, 1998
AMusTCL, 1997

Professional Membership

Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong
Writer member, since 1995

International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)
Member, since 2010

Other Personal Information

A computer enthusiast, Dennis has taught himself to become a computer power-user since the age of 80286. He can code with Perl and PHP and work on MySQL databases. He builds this website on a self-hosted WordPress running Ubuntu on Digital Ocean virtual machine. He is a Mac user.

He is married and living with three musically-inclined cats.


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