Liu Meng-chieh plays with SAR Philharmonic, raising funds for drug abuse group

SAR Philharmonic is performing for charity again, this time for the benefit of Kely Support Group, a group dedicated for youth drug and alcohol addictions. They are working with Liu Meng-chieh, a pianist with a story of fighting against strange illness.

He was 23 when he contracted the illness known as vasculitis, an exceedingly rare disorder of the immune system that inflames the victim’s vascular system. The Chicago Tribune carried his story :-

[quote style=”1″]He came down with a bad cough that soon morphed into something far more sinister. His hands grew stiff and he began losing weight and strength. Within months he could not walk unaided and barely could lift his limbs. His doctors were perplexed. Neither the prescribed physical therapy nor chemotherapy could slow the advance of his mysterious malady.[/quote]

He received treatments and operations, and after a long way, he could move his fingers again. Determined to learn the piano once again, he fought his way back from a very ill patient to a pianist.

Mr. Liu, a Kaohsiung-born Curtis graduate, will perform Beethoven’s first concerto with the SAR Philharmonic. The orchestra will conclude with their unique magnificence: a performance of Dmitri Shostakovich’s gigantic Symphony No. 7 written in memory of the city’s besieged by German forces during the Second World War.

The Power of Youth concert is on December 3, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall.


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