EMI Sergiu Celibidache Edition

Having been a classical music CD buyer for 20 years, I frequently run into hesitation when confronted with a new “complete edition” boxset. Among those tens of CDs in a boxset, I often have two to three CDs on my shelf and I have spent some good cash buying that lone discs quite some years back. With a sense of guilt of buying some duplicate items, hesitation prevails and the sets would have gone after a flash mob in CD stores.

But this reissue of Sergiu Celibidache’s recordings on EMI is uniquely different. I bought all four sets immediately days after it was shelved in store.

The reason? Ridiculously, I do not have a single EMI Celibidache that far.

Celibidache’s performance is eclectic. David Hurwitz once remarked, “All in all, like most of the ‘mad genius; conductors, Celibidache’s work ranges erratically from the stunning to the grotesque.” I first approached this genius by his very expansive and refined Brahms’ Ein deutsches Requiem. That was a decade and a half ago, while Celibidache was still alive and his recordings not officially released on big labels. It was a time I could have mistook him a long dead forgotten legend.

No one could have imagined that even EMI, one of the biggest studios and recording producers, would be taken over and auctioned like an apartment after its mortgage left unpaid.

These four boxsets are now sold under a total of HK$1,000. This is simply too attractive to resist.

Special thanks to Antona who has reserved me a set. She has a wonderful fans club of great followers.

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