Rilling conducts Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor

Yesterday I revived a talk with a friend, a music writer by trade, about my view on Hong Kong music scene. Contrary to the common lament on too few listeners just as this report has again reminded us, my view is that we have a vibrant music scene. We have many great listeners, appetite for good music, and, most important of all, able artists who render notes into fine performances.

My recent experience working with various Hong Kong artists, many of which at a relatively young age, greatly boosts my confidence in that vibrant optimism. One among many occasions is a complete version of Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor, which he has left unfinished for good. Last year I wrote about Helmuth Rilling and his leadership on Die Konzertisten in a concert of Bach’s Mass in B minor, a choir predominantly made of Hong Kong vocalists. This year Mr. Rilling is leading a series of workshops and conducted in the finale with the Mozart mass the showcase of the workshop’s successfulness.

As a recording producer this time, I am not in the best position to offer an in-depth appraisal of the performance. However, in the recording, you may find this music finely delivered with sufficiently nuanced details to make it a joy to listen to. And you may be even more surprising that the choir this time is made up of several choirs in Hong Kong, gathered in a week’s time in preparing the concert under some heavy rehearsal with Mr. Rilling.

It is significantly serious work, and the result is very satisfying.

This video is a “rough cut” of the opening Kyrie; the final product should be out in due course.

Die Konzertisten, on a separate track, has invited Stephen Layton in a concert of Mozart’s Requiem.

Photo © Yvonne Chan@SingFest

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