Instrumentation: Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano
Movements: Three (I. Allegro molto — Moderato; II. Moderato; III. Largo, expressif sempre — Molto sostenuto e affectuoso)
Year of Composition: 2001
Duration: 17′ (5′, 4′, 8′)

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Completed in February 2001, the three-movement Quartet is written for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano, with all the three movements based on materials drawn from the opening of the first movement. As the music proceeds, these materials are often fragmented into smaller pieces; they also merge and form longer melodies. Special importance is given to certain intervals, which are explored throughout.

The first movement sets out from an impetus of cello staccato bass and the fragmentary motive is stated in the first apperance of the violin. The motive is gradually expanding to a long, unison melody. The music gains vitality across time, until Incalzando the music sets back with forzando. The extreme of the instruments are used and creating a high tension.

The second movement is a scherzo. It starts from a rhythmically irregular pizzicato passage of the violin and cello. The clarinet and piano join the chat later, though with a different merry tone; they are quite talking with selves. The movement alternates with these two sections.

The atmospheric third movement may be seen as a Nachtmusik. Certainly, it resembles the first movement of Trio the composer wrote earlier. In this free structured movement, the instruments express with long melodies with melancholy. A sudden cry from far sets out in the middle with all the instruments, except piano, climbing to the climax. The music ends with reminiscenes of the previous movements.

The première took place in an exchange concert organized by Chinese University of Hong Kong and Tokyo National University of Fine Arts.


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Performers: Martin Choy, clarinet. Wong Wai-man, violin. Angela Yeung, cello. Mary Wu, piano.
Lee Hysan Concert Hall, Chinese University of Hong Kong. March 7, 2001.


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This recording is recorded live at Lee Hysan Concert Hall, Chinese University of Hong Kong on March 7, 2001.

Martin Choy, clarinet; Wong Wai-man, violin; Angela Yeung, cello; Mary Wu, piano